Strategic Planning is Topic for September 12th Good Advice Over Coffee


THANK YOU to those who joined us for our fifth Good Advice Over Coffee (a monthly one-hour small group gathering of community cause champions) covering the topic of Your Board's Role in Fundraising.

We had another great discussion and learned as much as we shared. Did you miss it? No worries! The Good Advice has been summarized into an article here. Please note: This page also includes the link to the episode of "Your Podcast for Good" where I sat down with host and producer, Scott Smith to continue the conversation on this subject.

More photos can be found on our newly-live Facebook page, and a glimpse into the session can be found on our Instagram page. (Please "Like" and "Follow" us while you're there.)

We hope to see you at September's Good Advice Over Coffee to cover Strategic Planning and THE Best Visual to Help Focus Your Efforts. I'll lead the conversation on Thursday, September 12th, 8AM - 9AM at Common Desk in Fort Worth. Seats are limited, so act fast.

Make your reservation today!

*(If a wait list forms again, don’t hesitate to add your name there, as we have been able to accommodate people from the wait list for previous events.)