if your cause needs a voice, you've come to a good place.

You're the champion of your cause, passionate about what you want to achieve. But sometimes even champions need support. That’s where we step in.

Since 1995, Project Partners has advanced almost every cause you can think of. Education. Workforce development. Economic and community development. Crime prevention. Health. Youth development. Quality child care. Environmental issues. Tourism. Arts. And countless others.

But let’s talk about your cause. Sure, we’ll provide the expert advice, guidance, strategy, planning, facilitation and coaching you need. But what makes us different is that we don’t just tell you what you need to do to achieve your mission and financial goals. We literally wear your hats to get the job done when you’re short on time, staff or expertise – and when you’re collaborating for greater impact.

Project Partners delivers the suite of services that drives results – the community relations, event management, program development, fundraising, volunteer engagement and training necessary for your success. 

You bring the cause. We'll bring exactly what you need.


Project Partners provides a comprehensive suite of consulting, creative and project management services dedicated to advancing your cause and exceeding your goals.   Learn more.


At your service are proven professionals with extraordinary expertise and a sincere gratitude for the privilege of doing good work.
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Our experience, staying power and dedication to important community causes have made us a partner for good for scores of public, private and nonprofit organizations.  See our work.