Create a Sense of Urgency


Are you raising money, engaging others in your community, or recruiting volunteers? If so, it's critical to create a sense of urgency around their positive response to help. The following steps will make all the difference in engaging others, whether you are recruiting for a one-time event or promoting an important cause:

•    Set a deadline for a response;

•    Create incentives or rewards;

•    Promote a print date or utilize an event where recognition will occur; and

•    Provide the facts of what will happen (or will not happen) if they decline or don't respond.

For years, we managed and promoted two events to publicly recognize those companies in the region who had participated in clean air initiatives.  We communicated deadlines, made repeated follow-up calls, sent e-mails, and even helped with the completion of award applications -- all with a sense of urgency regarding the two upcoming events, print ad recognition, and news media exposure that would follow.

A record number of winners attended the presentations in Fort Worth and Dallas.  Without communicating the recognition, events, print deadlines, and free press, we might still be trying to get those corporate leaders' attention to cleaner air for our region!