Tight Controls Help Increase Annual Giving Dollars

One of our client's annual giving campaign has already achieved 95% of goal and the campaign still has five months to come to full fruition. Our assigned Project Partners project manager has done a terrific job directing this initiative, coaching and guiding staff and volunteers, who are very excited about the accomplishment, as you can imagine. How did this happen?

An annual giving campaign runs under much the same formula as many fundraising events and other fundraising programs we direct:

  • a strategic plan, owned by staff and volunteers

  • excellent research

  • engaged, committed and well-trained volunteers

  • a solid campaign infrastructure

  • a theme that sparks emotion

  • a strong case for support and sense of urgency

  • personal touches

  • incentives and rewards for volunteers and donors

  • great communications

  • adherence to strict timelines

  • great administrative support and collateral

  • incredible engagement of donors, giving them the opportunity to forward the critical mission, and

  • follow-up, follow-up, follow-up.

This campaign began from the inside out (as well is should), with the board of directors and staff involvement, then moved to wider circles of friends and donors. An affinity group was enhanced to encourage an increase in the size of gifts, which it did. The campaign will be the springboard for building relationships with other major donors and foundations. It has been managed "by the book" and the results to date are evidence of that. Seeing the big picture while taking care of every detail will ensure success.