Speaking & Training

Creating Coalitions

I had the privilege to facilitate a working session last month of a group of concerned citizens, community and corporate leaders, all planning to work together to directly affect an important community issue. As we worked through 1) how this collaboration might be beneficial to them all and 2) how they could most effectively make a difference, I was reminded of a presentation on coalition-building I heard when on a United Way/Fort Worth Chamber community advocacy for education assignment, funded by the Gates Foundation.

Reciprocate the Relationship

I presented the "Marketing and Communications for Fundraising & Development" module for the CFRE review course last summer, sponsored by the Dallas and Fort Worth chapters of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). Much of the emphasis of this particular module is the concept that our marketing and communications for fundraising and development must be donor-centric, but what does that really mean?

Think Before You Print

Too many times, I see boxes of beautiful collateral materials for events, marketing, outreach or fundraising campaigns happily living on the floors of agency storage rooms and offices. Thousands of dollars worth of materials never see the light of day. Are they helping to move the organization's mission forward?